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in love. (Taken with instagram)
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Hiroshi Hirakawa has a tumblr?!

I Still Shoot Film: I Still Shoot Film’s Guide to Buying Used and Vintage Film Cameras


So, you want to buy a film camera… you may think that they are no longer manufactured, but you would be mistaken. Fuji, Leica and Hasselblad are just a few of the companies that still manufacture film cameras - even if the latter may cost you your first born child after refinancing your house. Now…

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Jackalope Tattoo! (drawn for Kate Michael)

Posts I Am Proud Of


This might be your first time reading this blog, so you should know that some posts on PRR are better than others, and I think you might like the blog better if you started with one of my favorite posts. Here are a few posts I’m proud of:

Being Obese

Telling Barack Obama About Pitchfork, or the Official Version

Himanshu of Das Racist

A Pitchfork Writer Mailing Me This

Chillwave as an Economic Phenomenon

What Ryan Schreiber Thinks of This Blog


Pitchfork Reviews Reviews: Selling Heroin on Craigslist


Hi! Joe and I wrote the story that’s on the cover of the Village Voice today and you can read it online here, but I really recommend picking it up from one of the red Village Voice boxes on a street corner because the paper is free and reading a newspaper is a pleasure. The story is about…

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Join the Tumblr community for a party and live performance to celebrate music writing, reading and great tunes!